You’re About to Watch the Most Innovative Job Application Ever

“To catch a big fish you need a big hook!”

That’s what 30-year old French architect Étienne Duval comments on his highly innovative video job application. The creative genius rapped his cover letter, highlighted his experience and expertise and sent it to the Bjarke Ingels Group alias BIG.

Currently under the discussion table in BIG, the video became a YouTube hit with over two hundred thousand views. The witty gesture of “Yes is more” won the heart of the society of architects and waiting to achieve a green signal from BIG.

Would Étienne Duval dare to compose the same type of application for other architectural firms? He says no way, as many firms lack a proper sense of humor to accept this kind of approach. In Étienne’s words, BIG isn’t afraid to be funny and the job application is kinda BIG-like which might secure his air ticket to Denmark.

Now respond to your curiosity and watch what it takes to join BIG.

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