This Whimsical Music Video Will Brighten Up Your Day

Tired of life? Badly in need of inspiration?

Well, here’s something which will fire up your imagination and help you to see the world from a brand new perspective. British rock band Coldplay attracts the spotlight by their brilliantly weird music video, titled ‘Up & Up’.

“This is kind of the song we’ve been waiting to write for 15 years”, says Coldplay vocal Chris Martin. The video was released on 16 May 2016 as the third single from their previously released album A Head Full of Dreams. Just after the disclosure, the video went viral and gained 3.3 million views within 24 hours.

Directed by Israeli video masters Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the 4 minutes of whimsical video-story will expose you to a magical yet heart-rending world. You’ll see eagles diving under the sea, bunches of wild dandelions blooming within the urban forest of skyscrapers or a couple of seals swimming playfully up in the sky!




“A poignant, surrealist montage which alludes to contemporary issues.”, the directors commented on their work. The lyrics itself is so empowering; it will surely sweep your blues away. Just watch the cars revolving around planet Saturn or see what happens when you jump on a bowl of pasta!

fixing up a car to drive in it again

when you’re in pain

when you think you’ve had enough

don’t ever give up

‘I can’t believe that’s our video. If that were someone else’s video, I’d be so jealous’, exclaims Chris Martin himself. Beyoncé, Annabelle Wallis, and Merry Clayton joined Coldplay for the background vocals. The guitar solo is done by Noel Gallagher.

You could learn more about the lyrics here.

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