Mushrooms Star in Unexpectedly Colorful Nature Photography Series


In her striking series of Nature Medleys, artist and self-described “modern nomad of the Salish Sea” Jill Bliss captures the unexpectedly exquisite colors of mushrooms. Taken during Bliss’ daily walks around the enchanting islands and winding waterways of the Pacific Northwest, this collection of nature photography showcases the area’s rich and radiant biodiversity.

To create each shot, Bliss arranges various found fungi, flora, and other botanical elements into beautifully balanced polychromatic clusters. Each Nature Medley presents a one-of-a-kind color scheme, ranging from captivating jewel tones to muted, neutral hues. In addition to mushrooms of many colors, each image features fungi of various shapes, sizes, and textures, further exhibiting the variety of subject matter readily available to Bliss and her unconventional way of perceiving it.

Like all of the artist’s nature-inspired work, this series captures Bliss’ interest in exploring the outdoors and reimagining her stunning surroundings. Grounded in “close observations of discreet moments in nature,” each Nature Medley presents Bliss’ unique way of seeing the world and offers a colorful glimpse into her artistic practice.

If you’re interesting in purchasing a print, be sure to stop by Bliss’ shop.

In her Nature Medleys series, artist and and nature photography expert Jill Bliss arranges and photographs colorful clusters of mushrooms.









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h/t: [Colossal, Reddit]

All images via Jill Bliss.

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