Meet Maru: The Funniest Cat in The World

Funniest Cat Maru

The Japanese term ‘Maru’ means round. YouTube star Maru the cat is a perfect example of its name. The round shaped fluffy cat keeps the world entertained through its overwhelming obsession with boxes and packaging.

The perk-eared Scottish fold boy artistically adopted all possible ways of hiding within any kind of box.

When the box is large and too difficult to reach, he sincerely finds a way to get in there.

After settling down peacefully within a box, he consciously decides to ignore the world.

Maru can relax within anywhere, if it has three walls. No matter how narrow it is, he’ll simply shrink and fit in!

Maru also loves sinks and wash basins, as he could fit in there purrfectly.

Here is a compilation of Maru’s funniest moves.

LoveMeow arranged an interview with Maru and his owner Mogumogu where Maru explains his life and love for the boxes. You can also subscribe this star cat on twitter and YouTube. Visit his blog for more adorable pictures and stories.

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