How To Kiss A Girl In 5 Seconds On The Dance Floor

Now if you’re any guy I know you’re going to say that this is practically impossible or that the girl you’re mentioning here probably doesn’t want to kiss you back. This is not the case I assure you, I’ve done this so many time and once you start doing it then it becomes almost too easy. So start reading and I’ll start teaching you how to kiss a girl in 5 seconds on the dance floor. Let’s answer some important questions first:

How to Kiss a Girl Question #1

Will She Slap Me?

Of course not, in fact she’ll probably be the one asking you to slap her at the end of the night. Do this with manly intent and you will succeed.

How to Kiss a Girl Question # 2

This Can’t Be Legal?

Of course it is, the method I’m going to teach you on how to kiss a girl doesn’t involve you drugging her up and putting her in your white unmarked mini-van. This girl how-to-kiss-a-girl_will want to kiss you back and will simply back out if she doesn’t want to. So don’t worry my friend.

Now Let’s get into how to actually do This:

How to kiss a girl in 5 Seconds Step #1

Go in With High Energy:

If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn from women and dating is this extremely key concept. You have to go into that dance floor with high energy, actually having fun and wanting to dance. You don’t have to dance like John Travolta to do this but it does take some high energy. This means that you have to have fun going into the dance floor and not be afraid of looking like a bit of a goof. Who cares anyways? You’re going to be making out with this girl in no time.

How to kiss a girl in 5 seconds Step #2

Have the Altitude Attitude:

You got to be able to picture yourself being able to do this. If you go into that dance floor and start dancing and avoiding every potential girl with a set of hot lips you’re not going to be able to do this. Believe that you can do this and that these girls are just waiting for the cool and confident guy like you to come up to them and sweep them off their feet.

How to kiss a girl in 5 seconds Step #3

Grab, Stare and Kiss:

The best way to do the first part is to actually face the girl with a smile, grab her hand as if you’re going to introduce yourself, twirl her around and put her arm right behind your neck. At this point she’s facing you looking into your eyes and all you have to do is look back and immediately and I mean with no hesitation go for the kiss and voila! Complete utter glory. you’ve just learn how to kiss a girl alpha man style.

So if you thought how to kiss a girl on the lips takes 2 dates, guess again. I just taught you how to kiss a girl in 5 seconds, how about that. So next the time you run into any women troubles and feel like some quick loving, get yourself out on a dance floor and practice this glorious how to kiss a girl method all night long!

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