How long can you stay in this hotel made of… ice

To those who love to travel, they often spend their nights on hotels or inns leisurely lying on their bed or talking about the things that happened on their journey.

But, what if you were given a chance to stay on a hotel that is made of ice?


In Hokkaido, there is a unique hotel that you can visit only during the winter and they are the famous Hokkaido Ice Hotels.
Wait why would I visit one when it’s already cold?

Good question! Hokkaido is a land blessed with natural beauty and wonderful attractions. Many visitors from all over Japan and abroad go to Hokkaido to experience things they had never seen before.

Like many places in Japan, Hokkaido is home to many festivals like the famous Yosakoi Soran Festival during the summer and the Snow Festival during winter.
But among many things, Hokkaido is known as the “coldest” region in Japan.

Hidenobu Nakaya a 61 year old businessmen and designer in Tobetsu, was inspired to create ice hotels which were popular in Europe during the winter.

He believed that Tobetsu is a town that can attract tourists by using its natural resources which are…snow and ice!

Armed with his designer skills and love for his hometown, he constructed 4 ice houses. 3 of them serves as the rooms for the guests who are staying in the hotel and the bigger one serves as the reception and bar area.
When you enter the hotel the first thing that you’re going to see is ice, lots of them. The bed, chairs, walls, celings are made of ice and snow.

When night comes, the houses are illuminated by LED lights from within the ice walls.

You’ll see carefully carved designs on the interior of the house which enhances the overall effect of the lighting.

For those who came to the hotel thinking that they’d be sleeping on beds made of ice they’re not going to be disappointed.

However, to ensure that their guests would be able to sleep as comfortably as possible, the staff will provide you with thermal sleeping bags and pajamas that will keep you warm and toasty until morning.
If you can’t sleep, you can visit the bar and reception area.

Here, you can get your ice cold beer and other preferred drinks like wine to help you relax and enjoy your stay.

If you prefer something hot, a cup of coffee or hot apple juice is also available.

Advice When Staying On Ice Hotels

– Smoking is usually not allowed inside ice hotels. Other equipment like heaters are also forbidden in fear that it will melt the ice.

– Don’t drink too much alcohol, you might pass out from the cold and suffer frostbites.

– Bring your own thermal packs just in case you want more than packs that the hotel staff provided.

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