6 Ways To Attract Men – How To Catch His Attention And Send The Right Message


Are you looking for ways to attract men? You see this cute guy across the room and you hope that you would get his attention. But there are other women eyeing him too. How on earth are you going to compete?

1. There’s only you

One of the ways to attract men is to not be a copycat. You saw these other women flirting and acting silly just to get his attention. Well, don’t what they’re doing. If you follow their lead then how are you going to stand out? It won’t do you good if you act like them.


Be sure you smell good and don’t have bad breath if you do approach him. You may think it’s cliché, but keeping your breath fresh and having a perfume handy is important. No guy would want to talk to you if you smell awful or if he smelled your bad breath.

3. Eye contact

You’re going to have to clue him in and let him know that you’re interested in him. That means that you’re going to have to have eye contact. This doesn’t mean looking at him then looking away. You need prolonged eye contact if you want to send him the message that you like him. Don’t keep looking away when he glances at you. You have to be a little bit more aggressive than that.

4. Let out your feisty side

All women have it in them no matter how shy they are. You may think you’re just a mouse but deep down, there’s that fierceness in you and you need to let it out. If you’re feisty then it means that you don’t let men control you. And if he can’t have you that easily then you’re going to be a challenge to him and that would peak his interest. This doesn’t mean you have to play hard to get to death. It just means that you won’t let him have what he wants all the time.

5. Careful with how you present yourself

Looking too inviting would invite the wrong type of guy. If you reveal too much and look like a skank then the type of guy who leers and stares at your chest is what you’re going to attract. You can’t be too conservative and cover it all up either. There has to be a balance so that you would look sexy and attractive but at the same time, you’re leaving something for his imagination.

6. Keep the conversation going

Don’t expect him to carry the conversation until the very end. You’re going to have to chip in and have a few interesting topics as well. Looks are not everything and if a woman is interesting, then a man would definitely be attracted to her. You can look like a supermodel but if he doesn’t find you interesting then he’s just going to go to the next gorgeous girl that he meets.

The ways to attract men doesn’t have to be rocket science. It can be as simple as being yourself and looking your best and being able to carry out a good conversation. Don’t get too nervous when you approach him and just relax. If you try too hard then you might end up doing something stupid that would turn him off.

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