Stack copper coins on your laptop, the result might surprise you

High thermal conductivity of copper accelerates heat dissipation. Based on the theory, Japanese musician Akinori Suzuki claims to keep his overheated MacBook Pro cool by lining up stacks of 10 yen coins.


Laptops tend to ‘lose their temper’ while pulling up all-nighters and series downloads. External coolers might work but not as a permanently dependable solution. The amazing copper theory of cooling laptops works perfectly with 10 yen coins which are composed of solid 90% copper.

The copper tends to disperse heat from the plastic casing of a laptop. Another user Keigo Nitadory advanced the theory to another level by applying it to desktop computer towers.

You may have a huge advantage if you live in Australia or have a bunch of Aussie cents, preferably 1 and 2 cents. These coins contain high copper filling. Although most of the countries produce coins which are merely copper plated and won’t help to keep your notebook healthy.

In Britain, £1 coins are helpful to apply this idea as they consist 70% copper. $1 works best in the USA, so do the quarters and nickels.

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